The positives of a pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic inspired the growth of this idea into reality. We encountered an overflow of individuals reporting depression and anxiety who could not access services because they felt distressed, embarrassed, and self-conscious. As we continued our conversation amongst fellow Australians, we came to recognise there was a disconnect with the community and health.

Innovative projects

We then began to research and consider how a new approach could revolutionise the society we know today. We found difficulty with service access was present in all areas of health as many clinicians were at full capacity. Too many people required services and there were not enough clinicians. If we could give a clinician 30-60 minutes back into their day that is one more person, they could care for. 

In consideration of this the answer was simple a straightforward communication network connecting all key stakeholders (clinicians, participants, support coordinators, support workers, teachers etc.) on a single platform while forming a bridge between public and private services. 

We were inspired to make change and formulated a team of individuals to help with our first project “Hilfe” which is currently still in development. This project provides a support network for access and practice for service users and service providers.
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We hope our “Hilfe” project can be the start of a string of crucial changes to lead the Australian healthcare system towards support for all Australians.