Who are we?

We are a group of passionate individuals dedicated to initiating change through the development of products that improve healthcare processes throughout Australia. We will implement changes through the collaboration with unique communities to work towards simple health systems, universal advocacy, and have an active impact on the daily lives of individuals. 

We invite you to join the society that will help you unlock your potential to do what you love. 

“Good and bad days they come and go, we hope to inspire more of the good and give you the strategies to make the most out of the bad – James Wooden, Founder.

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What we do?

Intervention: Action taken to improve

Divergent: Developed in a variety of different ways

Intervention + Divergent = Intervergent

We are committed to the creative exploration of solutions to contemporary issues. We question how current systems and processes impact on the human condition and investigate how they can be improved. With the involvement of the community we can identify, discuss, develop, and adapt a dynamic modernised approach to our everyday experiences. We seek to capitalise on the unlimited potential of software development and its diverse real-world application to enable the potential of others.